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Should I Make Home Improvements Before Selling? Five Easy Tips to Improve Your Home.

Looking to sell your home? In a hot real estate market, you may not need to make many changes at all because inventory is tight. Sean Black, CEO of Knock, a home buying platform observed that “three years ago, homeowners had to put a lot more work into their home before listing it. However, even in the current market with homes selling in record time, the data continues to support the benefits of getting your home show-ready.”

Additionally, as interest rates go up, home sales will start to taper off and buyers will find they have more options to choose from. There are a few simple things you can do to help get your home show-ready and appeal to buyers.

Five easy tips

Curb Appeal – If you don’t’ want to make updates, curb appeal is an easy and low-cost option. Trimming back trees and shrubs cleans up the overall appearance and can help your house shine. A fresh layer of mulch creates a feeling of uniformity and newness.

Good to know – A quick power wash can make your house appear brighter and fresher simply by removing years of dirt and stains.

Fresh Paint – An analysis by Knock found that homes with modern renovations sold in an average of eight days, as compared to 12 days without improvements. Homes with two or more improvements sold in an average of six days.

Good to know – When applying fresh paint, choose wisely. Buyers swoon over freshly painted kitchen cabinets, a project that can be completed on a tight budget. Choose neutral colors for walls and paint the whole house in the same color.

New Hardware – New hardware is an easy change that can update the look of your kitchens, bathrooms, and linen closets.

Good to know – Choose a style and finish that both compliments your cabinet boxes but is also current. Apps like Houzz and Pinterest are great places to get ideas!

New flooring – New flooring is one of the more expensive options, but it can dramatically change the look and feel of your home.

Good to know - When deciding to put in new flooring, opt for the same material in all rooms if possible. This will give your home a more updated feel and makes spaces seem larger! If you don’t have money for new flooring, consider a deep cleaning. A freshly cleaned carpet breathes new life into your space!

Countertop/backsplash upgrade – Upgrading a countertop or backsplash can refresh a stale space. Some companies are able to update counters without any demolition (e.g. Granite overlays).

Good to know –Choose neutral colors for counters and backsplashes because it gives you more flexibility when choosing to update your look and feel, both now and in the future!

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