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Meet DeVon.

Residential Real Estate Agent

My Story

My love for homes and design began at the young age of  10 years old. My parents were buying their first new home in Sacramento. in the beginning, I was dreading going to different model homes, walking in and out of houses all weekend instead of hanging out with my friends. I quickly learned how much enjoy I found in this whole process. From comparing different exteriors of houses, to looking at the size of yard and seeing potential. I started providing my own input and looking forward to our weekend house hunts. With the promise of having my own basketball court set up in the backyard, this was an even larger motivating factor to find a home. 

Throughout highschool and college, I was always looking on housing apps at all the different homes. Seeing the pricing in Sacramento was somewhat discouraging for me because I thought it would take me a long time before I could afford to buy my own. As I was in my last semester of college, I started doing a lot of research on what was needed to buy a home. After speaking with a friend who was a lender, I found out I qualified! The hunt began and I was teaching myself all about the things that realtors do.

Once we found and closed on our first home, my realtor said that I should get my license. He said my personality, overall attitude and my presence is something that is really important and believed I had what it took. And the rest is history! You will not regret choosing me to be your realtor.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

(916) 849-4291

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