Growing up in a big family within a small community, I learned a lot about how to distinguish myself from the people around me. It gave me the motivation to build something for myself, and it always fascinated me that there was such a variety of different ways people can build a happy life surrounded by people they love. After several years as a successful sales leader in a Fortune 50 company, my husband and I started our journey of building our own happy family. We decided to move to the Greater Sacramento area so we could enjoy all the wonderful elements it could offer us.

 I want to help bring some of the same happiness to your family. To help you find the home where the people you love can grow and experience the world around them. I'll be the agent you remember, for the excitement I can bring, for the choices we make together and for the rewards of buying or selling your home the way you and your happy life deserve.



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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